Example Projects

Our first project was to create a livery yard at our own home in Bicker.

The first part of the project was to create a stable block for 8 horses in our own yard. This was harder than normal because the existing structure was a Grade 2 listed building.

Brick Stable Block With Stable Doors

At the same time we were trying to find good quality stable doors but were disappointed with the quality and cost of what was available. So drawing upon our carpentry knowledge we created the doors you see in the image above. Notice they have two braces top and bottom, whereas most “off the shelf” doors only have one.

Outdoor Manege 55m by 40m

The last part of the project, so far, was the construction of a horse training or manege area, which at 55 x 40m was a major project. We are pleased to say that despite all the heavy rain over the winter the manege was never waterlogged.

We are still building other elements of our livery yard including a Hay Barn and larger Tack Room, so please check back for an update on these projects.

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