Manege Construction

Manège is a French word for a riding academy and can also refer to any riding school, riding arena or exercise rectangle. In the UK we often call them Horse Arenas.

In our country a key factor in manege construction is dealing with British weather!

Hence our approach is to carry out a thorough site survey checking for soil type, drainage, levels and water table level.

We can then come forward with a specific design for your location including;

  • Best location within the site.
  • Correct drainage to avoid water-logging and ensure year round usability.
  • Drainage of surrounding site especially if on a hill side.
  • Raise the manege if necessary to allow natural fall from surface to drain runs.
  • Treated timber posts and rails.
  • High kick boards.

We guarantee that any manege constructed by us will not suffer from water-logging.

The example shown above is in our own livery yard and it did not become water logged even during the exceptionally wet period during Winter 2013/4.

Manege, Horse Arena, Pricing

For orders received before 31st May 2014 we offer the following special pricing.  £25/sq metre +VAT including fencing, gate, high kick boards and membranes. Surface finish is extra.

We are pleased to present a gallery of images showing our manege construction. If you have any questions please contact us.

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